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Technogroup is a company with a long tradition that has joined the metal industry in Italy in 2004.

We are dedicated to the manufacture of metal constructions and machines, positioning ourselves on the market as a company that produces small and large series of metal processing, welding, and painting.

We offer complete metal processing using the newest laser cutting technique, fold-forming in large quantities, CNC processing, welding using the latest technology and certified personnel, as well as painting according to the client’s choice.

Over the years we have been striving to reach and surpass our goals, whilst focusing on quality and maintaining the highest standards in steel manufacture and ultimate client satisfaction.

We take pride in our tradition, whereas the success lies in our zest to offer professional services and flawless metal processing.

Our philosophy is simple – we offer great flexibility in meeting and adapting to the needs of the clients.

TechnoGroup – Metal processing with surgical precision.