TechnoGroup – Metal processing with surgical precision.

Who Are We?

Technogroup is a company with a long tradition that has joined the metal industry in Italy in 2004. We are dedicated to the manufacture of metal constructions and machines, positioning ourselves on the market as a company that produces small and large series of metal processing, welding and painting.

Our Core Values

Our Proficiency

We offer complete metal processing using the newest laser cutting technique, foldforming in large quantities, CNC processing, welding using the latest technology and certified personnel, as well as painting.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of the most efficient methods for cutting metal.

Metal Cutting

By using the latest fiber laser cutting technology, we have managed to achieve clearly defined results and improve the production process.

Fold Forming Process

Our advantage lies in the ability to foldform steel in big quantities.

Metal Folding

Our advantage lies in the ability to foldform steel in big quantities. We use specific, simple or unitary figures of lengths, up to 4,000mm.

Welding Processing

We use the latest technology in the welding processes as well.

Metal Welding

The company staff consists of professional welders with long-term professional experience. The certified personnel has worked on numerous high-quality welds.

CNC Processing

We are using Drehbank and Fresa CNC machines in the detail manufacture.

Metal Processing

Thanks to our partners, we have succeeded to launch serial production and within the frames of low tolerance of materials of all kinds and quantities.


As a company with long-term experience in metal painting, we suggest wet painting and powder coating.

Metal Painting

The choice of paints is made according to the clients’ preferences. The paints and the finish are chosen by the client. The client can choose between glossy, semi matte or matte color.








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